And it’s changing fast.

We’ve had to grapple with enormous shifts in the years since COVID. And now, we’re on the cusp of even crazier changes as AI permeates our lives.

Thriving through these changes is going to require an adaptable mindset and the willingness to pivot.

One of the biggest concerns I’m hearing from past clients relates to job security. Many people are afraid of becoming the victim of budget cuts or being replaced by AI/automation. Those concerns are valid, and the only way to protect yourself from these threats is to make yourself unreplaceable.

You’ve got to become AI proof.

How do you do that?

By building a career around the things that make you a unique, special, living, breathing human.

You possess a lifetime of experience, specialized skillsets, and a high level of education. It’s critical to take a look at all the kickass value you bring to the world and use it to build a rewarding and lucrative career.

The truth is that you cannot be replaced. You’re uniquely valuable. But you have to show that to the market!

I love asking people what their “stuff” is. You know, what’s the special sauce that only they have?

As someone with a doctoral degree, you possess a level of credibility and authority that few will ever enjoy, but you’ve got to leverage it! And NOW is the time to do just that!

This is also about more than creating a career that provides stability — it’s about getting into alignment with what you love and why you’re here. The days of showing up to the office to gut out another 8 hours are over. Now is the time to begin aligning yourself with your purpose.

Put simply: Your unique education/experience/skills + your passion/purpose + a personal business and marketing plan = a dream career that is fulfilling, amazing, and lucrative.

Are you ready to take control of your future and capitalize on all the hard work you’ve put in? Whether your direction involves starting a business, becoming a consultant, creating a program, writing a book, or standing on a stage and getting paid to share your ideas, I can help. Check out my Life after Dissertation program and let’s schedule a time to chat.

Fortune favors the bold. What’s your next chapter look like?

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