Frequently Asked Questions

There are many variables at play with this question, so I’d need to talk with you to get a better idea of your unique situation before I could estimate a time frame for completion.  Generally, if you begin working with me from the very beginning of your proposal (or at some schools, concept paper, research plan, or prospectus), I can help you finish within a year.  However, bear in mind that several factors influence the rate at which you’ll finish, such as your topic, access to your population, methodology, sample size, existing relationship with your chair/mentor/committee members, and your school/program requirements.  During our initial consultation, I will review these things with you to estimate a realistic completion date.

Yes.  I offer free consultations to all potential clients to discuss the details of each project and how I may be of service.  Individuals enrolled in the Dissertation Angels Coaching Program receive weekly phone/Skype consultations with me.  If you’d like to schedule a consultation without enrolling in coaching, please contact me.

Of course!  It’s important that the topic of your dissertation is something you’re interested in.  If you’re having a hard time nailing down a topic or just feel indifferent toward the one you’ve chosen, I can certainly help.

Definitely.  This is one of the most common problems expressed to me by students, especially those in online programs.  If you’re seeking individual guidance, consider my coaching program or contact me to schedule a consultation.

Yes! The majority of my students are enrolled in online programs.  It seems that this is the area of greatest need, due to the communication challenges and lapses between online students and members of their team.  Online students typically receive less direction and help from their chairs and mentors, which can make the dissertation process unnecessarily long and painful.

Yes! Payment plans can be arranged.

The cost of your project depends completely on how long it will take me to complete.  My general rate for writing and editing services is $100/hour.  After our initial consultation and my review of any existing work, I will provide you with a quote. I have a variety of coaching options, which vary in cost.  I am also available for single consultations, at $150/hour.

Absolutely. All clients receive NDAs 

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