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What I find really cool about working with Jess was her precision with troubleshooting. She read my material with an eagle eye and spotted what needed to be done the first time. Not only that but she listens. I almost thought she was a trained mind reader because before I finished expressing my frustration, she labelled it and came up with really great suggestions. If you don’t have a lot of time to waste when stuck, and if quality is important to you, I would say without any hesitation, find Jess!

Ph.D., Virginia Tech

I just wanted to let you know that it’s been great having your company help me with my dissertation. You’ve been so helpful. Thank you so much for a job well done. Dissertation Angels was so efficient and easy to work with. I used to get my paper sent back to me for revisions at least 3 to 5 times each assignment, after acquiring your service it was never sent more than once and your work was always on time. I will be forever grateful. I would not have completed my dissertation had it not been for your company (Dissertation Angels). You guys rock! Thanks so much for doing a great job.

Doctor of Education, Northcentral University

Jessica Bell is an absolute miracle worker when it comes to dissertation coaching and editing. She is professional, courteous and most importantly she cares about her clients. She listens to her clients makes sure that she is engaged and present throughout their process. I could not have gotten through my dissertation process without Jessica’s due diligence and her knowledge in the dissertation process. She is a wonderful consultant and I would recommend her to anyone who is working on their dissertation and in need of coaching. Jessica is truly remarkable.

Doctor of Education, Northcentral University

My experience with Dissertation Angels has been positively educational and memorable! I couldn’t thank Jessica enough for her professional and highly efficient service. My PhD dissertation would not have been completed at the pace that it was, without her services. I appreciated not only the professional help that was given throughout, but also the continuous support and encouragement from her. With no exception, I would receive a speedy response from the Jessica whenever I had a burning question about my writing. I gained new knowledge each time that I communicated with her, not to mention the lessons I learned from the feedback and comments she gave me in my edited chapters. Dissertation Angels services has inspired and motivated me to produce better writing. I have already recommended Dissertation Angels to my fellow PhD colleagues and will definitely continue to do so.  I would like to specifically thank Jessica for doing such a phenomenal job on editing my dissertation! I was unsure whether I should invest to have it edited and I must say, Jessica have made it worth my while! ‘I am just writing to express my sincere gratitude for your amazing and professional service, which not only helped me complete my doctoral dissertation, but also helped me to receive the highest commendation for having one of the best edited research projects of my graduating class.
I’ve learned a lot just by observing Jessica’s writing style. She also provides excellent feedback on structure and content. She is upbeat and cheerful–working with her has been a pleasure. She delivers at lightning speed—the entire times I’ve worked with her, she got back within three or four days of emailing her my manuscripts. In addition, to enthusiastically supporting the other statements, I can also say she is unparalleled in her ability to communicate her suggestions. The feedback she provides is direct, clear, thorough, and reasonable. She can completely pick apart your writing in a way that does not make you feel like a bad writer, laying out a clear path for improvement. My overall work has undoubtedly improved from her feedback.
Jessica has been extraordinarily professional! It has been an honor to work with someone of her caliber. She is deliberate with her editorial tactics and implements great attention to every detail. For me, one of her standout skills is her ability to keep her clients satisfied and keep projects and tasks moving forward. I had absolutely no concerns once we had agreed on a course of action. Additionally, Jessica puts her heart and soul into her work and business. It is clear by her professionalism and the output of her services. I am humbled to have worked with someone with such high integrity, who’s so committed to our mutual success.
A genuinely great ally and asset to any business – one I would highly cherish and recommend!

Doctor of Education, Concordia University

The name Dissertation Angel is so appropriate for the services provided.  Jessica provides the highest level of professionalism.  I was very leery about seeking help out of fear of being scammed.  Jessica was heaven sent and saved my project by providing editing, proofreading, APA accuracy, transitioning, literature review, and made sure the project flowed appropriately. She was literally my voice of reasoning throughout the process. This was the best decision I could have ever made during what I would consider a very stressful time for me. I would highly recommend her services to any student from any discipline. Words cannot express my gratitude. Thank you, Dissertation Angel!!  

MPH, DePaul University

Dissertation Angel is a befitting name for the services provided to assist me with my research’s final stages. Jessica’s insightfulness was lessened only to the personal attention and consultations provided throughout the process. Each interaction was a learning experience that presented different approaches to help me to achieve my intended goal.  Jess took a personal interest in my study, and I never felt my research was placed in a dissertation template, so to speak, where responses were automated. All communications were consistent and continuous. I was kept informed on the progress of revisions and was encouraged to modify areas that were matters of preference. I highly recommend “Dissertation Angels” to anyone desiring to perfect their dissertation project. This is an organization with real people with a sincere desire to see you succeed.

Doctor of Education, Liberty University

I was elated and am forever grateful to have met Jessica. The professional services that she provided allowed me to accomplish my writing goals in a fraction of the time that it would have taken me, with the prior service that I had secured. Jessica’s work ethic and skills saved me not only time but money as well! She is professional, knowledgeable, easy to communicate with, and expedient. I highly recommend Jessica Bell.

Ph.D., Northcentral University

I struggled for over a year with getting my committee’s approval of my dissertation draft.  Even though I was familiar with my topic, I grappled with getting the foundation of the project going, writing with a scholarly voice, and APA accuracy.  The editorial aid I received from Jessica made a priceless difference in getting my dissertation completed and approved.

Ph.D., Walden University

Like everyone else, I started the dissertation process with only my chair and committee, which left me with significant uncertainty and lots of wasted time. I knew there had to be a better, smarter, way. I was referred to Dissertation Angels, and from our very first call, I could sense Jessica’s professionalism, ability, and confidentiality. She made the dissertation process so much more transparent and helped me navigate the entire process so much faster and easier. My only mistake in working with Dissertation Angels was not calling sooner.

Ph.D., The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

It is only by the grace of God that Jessica came into my life during a crucial time of me writing my dissertation because I was already a year into it with no signs of an approval. When I first spoke to Jessica, I was very impressed with her knowledge in regards to my study and I was really confident that she would be able to help me overcome some of the challenges I was facing with writing my dissertation. Jessica is a professional writer and a creative thinker. While working with her, she demonstrated understanding, organization, attention to detail, timely responses, as well as the qualities of a good friend by showing her concern when needed, sense of humor, sound judgment, dedication, and overall authenticity. I cannot express enough gratitude and positive qualities about Jessica in such a short period, but I will say that I am overly pleased with her services and I can also say that I have gained more than an editor – I’ve gained a friend as well. Needless to say, my dissertation was approved which confirms that my confidence in Jessica was spot on, and obtaining the use of her services was the best decision I could have ever made!

Ph.D., Walden University


I want to take the time to share my truth about the great service you have provided.  I’m extremely happy I decided to work with you.  It was great to see how you managed to get me on the right track and made sure I did not take a detour.  I have accomplished my goal because of the services you have provided.  I recommend you to everyone looking for guidance with their dissertation.

Thanks Jessica!!

Ph.D., Colorado Technical University

Dissertation Angels is an excellent editorial company to use as a student at any educational level.  Before meeting Jessica, I was having difficulty with alignment and transitioning from one section of my paper to the next.  I paid several editors to edit and proof-read my doctoral dissertation and they provided me with a lot of areas that required correction… but with no clear suggestions. The first time Jessica provided her high-quality editing services I received QRM approval.  Jessica provided me with the best editing and proof-reading services, she was always quick and sufficient, pointed out areas of weakness and strength, and assisted me with thinking deeper about what I wanted to convey.  Jessica also knew what writing guidelines were accepted by my learning institution.  Another awesome service provided by Dissertation Angels is if your document is returned with corrections required, Jessica will fix them the first time with no additional charge.  I would recommend Dissertation Angels to not only doctoral students working on their dissertations, but anyone needing EXCEPTIONAL editing and proof-reading services.

Doctor of Education, University of Phoenix

One of the most stressful times in my life, was writing my DPI project. It was this time, I believed I needed strong support and someone who believed in me. I researched editors and ran into Dissertation Angels. After much prayer on which company to use, I reached out to Dissertation Angels. It was the best decision I have ever made. Jessica Bell supported me all the way thru my process in the DNP DPI project. Her expertise was remarkable, and I could not have done it without Dissertation Angels.

DNP Graduate, Grand Canyon University

Where to begin? One of the most frustrating experiences in my life….yes, let’s start there. Working on my doctorate degree for 7 years, 9 months. Three years of classes….a breeze! But writing the proposal/dissertation at a university that continuously made changes to my Chair (five times), Methodologist (five times), dissertation template (EIGHT times!), and overall expectations were beyond frustrating. I reached out to several editors and paid BIG bucks for mediocre work. By the grace of God I was searching one day for yet another editor to review my work and look at it with objective (yet critical) eyes. When I contacted Dissertation Angels and got to actually speak to an actual person….not just a person, but the person that was going to review my work!? Is that possible? Not only possible but actually happened! Jessica listened patiently, but more importantly became my cheerleader and calm voice when I was ranting/raving/crying! When my university pulled more expectations out of the air (which they did often and with little to no notice) she was quick to review – provide feedback – and deliver her “goods.” Without Jessica, I would still be going through multiple reviews with vague feedback and no progress. God Bless her and her ability to strip down to the basics and make sure everything was in alignment and flowed appropriately. I was able to complete my proposal, defend, do my research, defend and actually graduate last month! And I did that all in ONE YEAR with her help!! Have no doubt about working with Jessica….she is a professional! She delivers what she says she will and listens to your concerns. She follows exactly what the university requires and does it all with a smile and an encouraging approach. The name Dissertation Angel is spot on! Don’t let the devil of a dissertation get you….summon the Dissertation Angel! 

Ph.D., Grand Canyon University

Jessica is the real deal. She was always available for me. I would recommend her to all in need of great skills in assisting with your next project.

Doctor of Ministry, Knox Theological Seminary

Jessica was truly a heaven sent. I was ready to throw in the towel, being tired of the advisor’s ambiguities, reversals and academic antics. I tried working with other academic coaches, but could not achieve anywhere near the level of symbiosis that was created with Jessica. She brought focus to the document, clarification to ambiguities, and increased the quality of the document by leaps and bounds. Jessica was excellent to work with, brought a wealth of experience to the process, along with a very enjoyable and personable exchange.
I highly recommend Jessica to any struggling or excelling researcher and look forward to working with her on future projects.

Ph.D., George Washington University

I simply cannot express how much Jessica helped me in the process of obtaining my Ph.D.  Simply said, without her, I would never have completed the degree. My only regret is that I didn’t contact her sooner.  If so, I would have saved a tremendous amount of time, money and frustration. She was extremely knowledgeable, always provided timely responses, and was overwhelmingly positive throughout the entire dissertation process.  No matter the school, no matter the mentor, I believe she can help you!  I rate Dissertation Angels 5/5 stars and an absolute 10/10.  Again, if you think you can accomplish this feat without experienced help, you might be making the same mistake I did.  Once I discovered Jessica, I felt a great deal of comfort and confidence that I didn’t need to go through this process alone and that I was going to acquire my degree.  Thank you Jessica for helping me accomplish one of my life’s greatest goals.  I couldn’t have asked for any more that what you delivered.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Best money I have spent throughout my academic career.

Ph.D. Capella University

I cannot even begin to thank Jessica for her expertise in editing my doctoral dissertation. I was at a very low and frustrated place in my dissertation process when her name was given to me. I thought,” this is too good to be true and if her talent was true it was going to cost me way too much money because I had contacted other firms and it was going to cost me a down payment on a house.”  But it didn’t. She had a wonderful personality, was always positive, and always willing to go the extra mile. Jessica was truly a dissertation angel!

Ph.D. Walden University

I found Dissertation Angels after having failed my preliminary examination. I was stalled, my self-esteem was crushed, and I had accepted the fact that I may never earn my Ph.D. However, Jessica, at Dissertation Angels truly changed my life and educational trajectory. She was able to see the potential in my work. She organized my ideas and transformed my writing flawlessly. I stayed with Jessica throughout the entire process because she wasn’t just brilliant at writing and understanding the expectations of the dissertation, but she was very personable and encouraging. Dissertation Angels turned my papers and defenses into positive experiences for me. Words cannot begin to express how truly thankful I am for this company and especially Jessica for making graduation a reality for me.

Ph.D., Virginia Tech

Jessica is truly a literary angel! I was ready to walk away from my unfinished dissertation due to frustration, lack of time, most importantly lack of progress. The first time I spoke with Jessica I was unsure of how she’d be able to help me but it became clear very quickly just how much she was going to change my life. Part of my difficulty was the passion I felt for my research. I wasn’t able to sift through my topic and was getting bogged down in the minutia. Jessica cleared away the content in a few conversations and we were off and running. She is fast and efficient as well as being a cheerleader when you need it the most! I look forward to continuing our work together and I only have the highest regards for Jessica’s professionalism and service delivery.

Ph.D. Walden University

I want to start off by saying that I am always skeptical to believe reviews are for real when reviewing a person or business. I want to tell you that I was a real graduate student and that my 5 star or A+++ review is completely legit. The service that Dissertation Angels provides lives right up to the founder’s name! Jessica was a true angel, sent to me during this exhaustive dissertation process. If you are reading this then you may unfortunately be at the point where I was– lost, exhausted, confused, and in real need of support and direction. I can tell you first hand that this service was invaluable. You will not be taken advantage of with Dissertation Angels and you will experience continuous support on your journey. The quality of work, professionalism, support, and I can’t stress SUPPORT enough, was fantastic! This is not a major company that will charge you an enormous amount of money. It is a real person who founded this business based on a need that graduate students had which was a need for a one-on-one, personal “Dissertation Guru” or, indeed, an Angel.  Anyone I talked to in my life could listen to my endless rant and disappointments but could not provide anything except emotional support. Family, friends, and coworkers had not been through the journey and couldn’t guide me through the process or offer any advice. Dissertation Angels is the REAL DEAL! I can’t tell you where I would have been without it. Do not even hesitate… it will be the best call or email you have made to help you through the dissertation journey. I haven’t met her… but I can tell you I now call her my friend. You will be amazed how much better the process becomes with the support and service that you will receive with Dissertation Angels.

Ph.D., Auburn University

Dissertation Angels