Dissertation Editing

  • Technical editing
  • Copyediting
  • APA formatting
  • Content development
  • Preparation of front matter
  • Tables/charts
  • Table of contents, lists of tables and figures

Standard Editing Rate: $90/hr

The following is a general guide of the time required for each type of service.

Estimates are provided based on a 2-hour review and sample edit of your document.

Technical Editing: 20-60 minutes per page

organization, voice, word choice, readability

Copyediting: 10-20 minutes per page

Adherence to APA formatting and your university style guide, grammar, syntax, punctuation

Basic Formatting: 2-4 hours

Margins, pagination, quotations, references

Preliminary Page Preparation: 1-2 hours

Includes title page, signature page, acknowledgements, dedication, table of contents, lists, and abstract

Tables/Charts (each): up to 1 hour


Working with me

There are a few steps we’ll need to take before we get started.  This allows you to sample my work before entering into an agreement, and it also gives you a sense of how I can help you through the dissertation writing process.  In addition, these preliminary steps give me a sense of your writing style and proficiency, and will help me pinpoint the areas you need assistance in.

Document review and sample edit.  First, I’ll have you send me your document — even if it’s not completely ready.  I’ll spend two hours editing a few pages, using track changes.  Once I’m done, I’ll send it back to you for review.  The charge for this service is $180.  If you choose to work with me, the cost will be subsumed within the editing cost if no other changes are made to those pages.  If you decide to not work with me, you’ll still come away with some good direction for making improvements to your dissertation on your own.

Cost estimate.  In addition to being an excellent way for you to review my work before you commit and sign a contract, the sample edit helps me make a fairly accurate estimate of the time needed to do the work. The cost is based primarily on the time and work required to produce a high-quality finished product. Additional charges would include formatting and preparing the front pages (per your school’s specifications), including the table of contents and list of tables and figures; providing the overall formatting; editing the reference list; and formatting tables, as well as consultation time.

Agreement. I will send you a proposed agreement when I return the sample edit to you. The agreement will include: (a) the costs involved broken down into per-page text editing, reference list editing, preparing the front pages, etc.; (b) payment terms; (c) my promise to you to do the best job possible; and (d) date of completion.

Cost negotiations, if necessary. If the estimated cost is beyond your budget, you may wish to discuss ways to lower the cost within the scope of the project. Occasionally, extended payment terms may be negotiated.

Deposit.  To begin work on your project, I require a 50% deposit of the estimated cost.  Upon completion of the work, I will send you an invoice for the remaining balance. Once that is paid, I will send you all files via email or Dropbox.

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