Life after Dissertation Program

Leverage your dissertation research to launch a new professional direction that positions you as a leader in your field

The Life after Dissertation program is for people who desire to do more but have found themselves feeling stuck after finishing their dissertations. Unlike other business development and branding experts, I understand academia and how to bridge the divide between the Ivory Tower and business. 

If completing your doctorate has not resulted in the professional success you hoped for, let’s chat about your options. Whether you need help writing a new resume/CV, developing your personal brand, creating a consulting company, doing a TedX talk, or writing a book, I can help.

The world is changing. The economy is changing. And the way we think about business, success, and money is also changing. We live in an information economy and you possess distinct knowledge that can be packaged to help others and bring about new levels of personal success.

Improve the world and make more money? I call that a win-win.

Areas of Focus

Resume/CV and cover letter assistance

Not getting responses from organizations after applying for new positions? I’ll help you update your resume or CV and craft a winning cover letter that targets your dream job.

Get published!

Publishing credentials are a big deal! Let’s turn your dissertation into winning journal articles. Even better, let’s publish a book that sets you apart as a leading authority in your field.

Become a thought leader

You earned a doctorate – you’re already a thought leader. The problem is, the world doesn’t know about you or your ideas… yet. Let’s fine-tune your ideas and message and get you in front of the audience that needs to hear them.

Build your brand

With personal branding, we can package your idea or message and broadcast it to the world through strategic marketing.

Business development and launch

Do you have an idea for a business but aren’t sure where to begin? Great! I can help you plan, market, and launch your unique business idea.

Become a sought-after consultant

Travel the country as a highly-paid consultant. Let’s take what you learned from your research and develop a program or training to sell to organizations. 

Let's Chat!

Let’s talk about your dreams and how the Life after Dissertation program can help turn them into reality.

How the Life after Dissertation Program is different from other business development strategists

Bridging academia and business

Most people understand academia or business, but struggle to see how the two connect. I have an in-depth understanding of both and can help you bridge the divide.

Over 10 years of experience navigating the Ivory Tower

Over the last decade, I've helped nearly 500 students finish their dissertations and graduate. I understand research and how to make it accessible to others (because let's face it, nobody reads dissertations).

Personalized approach

You work one-on-one with me, not a big group of people or a faceless firm. We're a team and I'm here to help you win.

It's all about freedom...

“Freedom is the name of the game. I want to help people create the lives they’ve always dreamed of, with the freedom of time and money, while contributing and helping humanity in some way.”


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