Qualitative Analysis

Assistance with all aspects of qualitative analysis:

  • Determining the best form of data and data collection for your research
  • Help setting up data collection for questionnaires (online or traditional)
  • Coaching to ensure your facilitation of interviews or focus group produces quality data
  • Transcription of interview or focus group data  
  • Manual coding to generate high-quality analysis 
  • Checking for saturation to improve trustworthiness of your data
  • Thematic analysis to create themes and subthemes in alignment with your RQs and framework
  • Development of written narrative of results

For researchers who desire to work with smaller samples and use textual data to uncover the rich information needed to really understand the heartbeat of a phenomenon, a qualitative method may be the ticket.

Over the years, I’ve consulted with many clients who were scared to select a qualitative design because the processes of data collection and analysis seemed too daunting. Make no mistake, qualitative analysis is labor intensive, but some of the things that emerge from this type of research can be incredibly valuable.

I’ll help you determine if a qualitative method aligns with your research topic and direction. I guide my clients through the data collection process and remain hands-on through the analysis. From start to finish, I’ll make data collection and analysis simple and (dare I say) exciting. This is original research, folks! It is exciting!

I offer full service assistance with qualitative results chapters, as well as consulting at $150/hour. Feel free to contact me or schedule a free consult to discuss your analysis needs.

Let's chat about your Analysis

Every qualitative project has different requirements, depending on your data collection plan, program requirements, and timeline. If you’re short on time, or if the analysis process feels overwhelming, give me a call to discuss how I can assist with your qualitative analysis.

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