I offer full service assistance for select projects.  This includes drafting content (APA style), ensuring it fulfills the requirements for your school’s template or rubric, and formatting according to the specifications provided by your program.  The fee for each chapter includes a complete draft, any required appendices, and up to two rounds of revisions.  This full service option is best for individuals who are in a time crunch to finish.  On average, the whole dissertation can be conceptualized, completed, and defended in 1 year or less.  Typical fees for each chapter are as follows:

Chapter 1 – Introduction to the Study: $3000

Chapter 2 – Literature Review: $4500

Chapter 3 – Methodology: $2500

Chapter 4 – Results (qualitative or quantitative): $4000

Chapter 5 – Discussion: $2500

Please note: When you select this option, you must remember it is still your dissertation.  You will be required to collect your data and defend the project.  I will make sure you are prepared for every step, but you must be present and able to communicate throughout the process.  My goal is to move you through the entire process as quickly as possible so you can graduate, stop paying tuition and fees, and move on with your life.